Why another new site about Health, Food and Singles?

To share my own experience with existing treatments and how I recovered my health.

Photography of Daniel Kocimski. He explains how he recovered his health using old existing treatments, modifying the food according to Dr Jean Seignalet protocol, similar to Dr Terry Wahls' one, taking single doses following the concept of Dr Jacques Ménétrier and having hyperthermic baths, invention of Dr Alexander Salmanoff


My name is Daniel KOCIMSKI. I am French.

After an Engineering training (Arts & Métiers French High School), I spent almost all my working life as Dairy Engineering Engineer, generalist, working on buildings, processes, machines, all concerns about a plant.

My job was very motivating, but very stressful as well. During my last 15 working years, I travelled almost all the weeks, Europe mainly and Far East as well. A Flight loyalty program presents me with more than 850000 km “ride” in the sky, Medium-haul mainly.

I am retired since 2018. My retirement instant was as huge shock for me. All the energy I got from my job disappeared. My health went away as well.

Hopefully, I live with my girlfriend, Eliska (she is from Czech Republic) since 2015. At this time, she was studying Naturopathy, for personal reasons, and because she likes learning by herself. By curiosity and she wanted to learn all natural ways for health.

I went with her in her studies, discovering a world I let to “specialists” (doctors), my mistake. Because I believed long time, as scientist, that specialist must have a true and strong knowledge. Which is not really and often the case…

Honestly, I must recognize that the Naturopathy world is a very special world. We can find here very interesting peoples and ideas, but the worse as well.

It’s a word where rationality is not often the use. And where we can find very strange theories, even if normal facts go against. Main issue is the topic (how to keep health). So wide and so many points of view that it’s really a headache to clarify it.

Nevertheless, my girlfriend, knowing my scientist approach, introduce me to theories, medical cures developed formerly by doctors, but sinked. It’s really a pity. However, parts of these theories and cures where reused and melted in the Naturopathy approach.

What to do?

So, I discovered and use (still now) the theories and the practices of Dr Jean Seignalet (Fr, Influence of Food on Health), Dr. Alexandre Salmanoff (Ru, but lived his last 30 years in France, inventor of hyperthermic baths) and Dr. Jacques Ménétrier (Fr, Operation of singles on the body regulations) . Of course, I read many other doctor’s books. But most of these other books don’t have the approach and rationality of these three doctors. Using at the same time these three approaches, I stopped and even reversed the progression of my multiple sclerosis. I am also reducing many other problems I discovered, very old problems for some but never cured.

By curiosity and by necessity, I build a tool to manage hyperthermic baths. Because it is not so easy to manage oneself, contrary to what is usually written on the topic, and when we start calculating the energy we need.

The action of these hyperthermic baths is so amazing and powerful that I decided to create a Company to produce that equipment, to share and enlarge the use of the hyperthermic baths, and because, of course, it’s almost impossible to produce and repeat these effects without. All theses actions allowed me to improve my health, curing a multiple sclerosis.

If you are interested, I let you discover my story and how I succeed to stop and reverse my multiple sclerosis. Of course, it’s not a full recovery, but a remission, as the origin of illness is the unsuitability of our genetic background and Food. It’s the case for me, and, I think, for many, many other people as well.