3 actions to recover simply our health:

  • Modifying Food according to Dr Jean Seignalet protocol,
  • Take, if necessary, Singles doses according to Dr Jacques Ménétrier,
  • Have hyperthermic baths, they reset your body!

As old as we know, already from Hyppocrate’s time (460-377 A J.C), Food is at the heart of health topics.

But what we do with?

It seems nothing.

Lot of practitioners tried to handle the topic, but mainly and mostly on single organ illness point of view only, one proposing a recipe, other another or a medical flower or plant approach or something else.

All these approaches participate to the confusion and vision of the human bodies in ill components, the organs.

Main and basic axiom is that Food is safe as it is made from natural components, as for the bread for example.

And other one is that illnesses are due to malfunctions of the human body. Malfunctioning for sure, but…WHY?

Is it really the case?

How can we recover our health today?

From my own experience, we must reconsider all our prejudices and we have to come back to fundamentals:

  • Human body is a whole construction, built from 10000 billiards of cells, but these cells are working as only one cell. Every day, hundreds of millions of cells are killed and rebuilt. Every day.
  • Each of our cells have the same DNA, so that they have all the same reactions facing the environment we are living in,
  • Food is, with breathing in a lower part, the main cause of the perturbations that the whole body must assimilate, transform, use and eliminate. For example, you can calculate it yourself, it’s easy, we ingest 3 to 5 hundred times our own weight all along our life (solids and liquids),
  • Our DNA didn’t evolve so fast like Food ingredients, all along our story, human story, mostly in the last 5000 years. In another side, cooking improves maybe the Food safety, but certainly destroys its capacity to be assimilated by the body. Mostly high temperature,
  • Some components of Food, like gluten, milk and all milk products, are modifying the gut permeability. Consequently, gut lets going through and inside the body not assimilated molecules which will be stored somewhere inside,
  • Processed sugar modify our gut ecosystem, switching it from profitable symbiosis to enemy one,
  • Human demographic pressure decreases the availability and necessary (vital) singles in soils, the same for intensive agriculture.

Looking at all these facts, we can only have another sight on interconnections between Food and Health. Because of the studies of the hereunder practitioners, I could reverse a situation that allopathic practitioners tell as inescapable to death. Now, it is not the case. And anybody can improve its health too, following few simple rules. It is working for 91 illness according to Dr J. Seignalet experience (and even more today). Others must be tested. Mostly, these rules are experienced based, and are necessary, all along our life, because it is our own body that CANNOT assimilate all what we flood into. We must stop torturing our body.

Most of illness are coming from the unsuitability of our genetic background to what we want to eat. Change the food, and the body will react and improve by itself. Of course, it can take long months, years sometime. Because we must take in account all these years torturing our body, and, the body possibilities as well. Nobody has the same reactions. This treatment is not a real cure, of course, because the main factor is our body: we cannot change it. As it is impossible to change 10000 billiard cells at the same time. We cannot change our genetic background. So, every time we will ingest what we cannot assimilate, we will have immediately the same reactions.

In my case, I applied successively, at the time when I discover them, the rules of these decisive doctors.

Nevertheless, a logical sequence exists and must be followed for a best efficiency:

  • To modify its food according to Dr J. Seignalet protocol,
  • Take doses of singles, following Dr J. Ménétrier diathesis,
  • Make his body at work again using the hyperthermic baths, invention of Dr A. Salmanoff.

It really and simply works.

Decisive doctors:

Dr Jean Seignalet:

In the 1970’s, 1980’s, Dr J. Seignalet wondered why such increase of cardiac or rheumatism diseases among others? Which are the reasons? Why?

Dr J. Seignalet worked at this time at Montpellier hospital (France), and was referent for the compatibility among people to be kidney transplanted, donor-recipient. His specific studies in that field lead him to be one of the referents in HLA 1&2, and he wrote a book on the topic. He details all his way in his book, Food or the Third Medicine, (in French, a section only has been translated). Looking deeper to these illnesses, he found out that ill cells are developing HLA2 as they would never have to do. Starting point.

The main cause is a non-adapted food… to our body

Analyzing lot of studies from all around the world, lot of specialties, he concluded that, as the body (DNA) don’t change so speedily as the increase of ill people (except maybe the diseases caused by chemicals or radiations, but, in these situations, these modifications are often fatal and are not passed on in DNA), the main cause lays in the first interaction between the body and its environment: FOOD.

With an activating factor: THE STRESS.

He noticed that our modern Food, we must consider “modern” according to human evolution, was strongly modified from the last 5000 years, and even more drastically by these last hundred years. Mostly to adapt the raw materials to processed food, that is not obviously an improvement factor.

How to correct

Looking at our ancestor food, he concluded that we have to come back to a food that our body is able to assimilate. Nothing else. He built in that way the notion of “paleo-food”, and his food protocol:

  • We have to cancel gluten, milk and all the milk products and the industrial sugar, this last not because digesting, but to protect our gut ecosystem, good one,
  • To cook at low temperature, 115°C max, can be discussed, because I use cooking at 135°C for chickens, 3 hours long, and it seems not be a problem. But surely not above,
  • To eat only safe oil, first cold pressing,
  • To drink only filtered water (attention to chlorides and other chemicals), and of course to eat much more biological vegetables and meat.

Even if he proposes some recipes in his book, there is not other “rules” as for a regime.

In his book, he explains how lot of illnesses start. He describes multiple sclerosis as well, and attendee to the criteria, I have understood that I developed multiple sclerosis, and not a poly axonal neuropathy. Then, I decided to start his protocol.

After 6 months, except a weight reduction, I didn’t noticed improvement in my case: I was, as he defined, a non-respondent to the protocol.

Luckily, by chance, I took singles’ doses 8 months after my food change, and almost one year later, 3 months after my first singles’ doses, on the singles’ effects and the food protocol, my body started to react, slowly (we are always in a hurry), but surely.

What about Dr T. Wahls?

In fact, it’s the reading of her book that makes me understand how important the singles are.

She arrived to the same target, but not going through the same way. She started cancelling gluten and milk, drink pure water as well, but I am not sure she applied the low temperature cooking. Why not.

But, for her as well, these points don’t improve to much the illness. So, she hardened her protocol, eating more and more vegetables. Which was for me the main problematic point. Doing that, she succeeded to reverse her illness. I don’t speak about physical training and good mind mood as well, which are very important too (reducing the stress). In fact, she “meets” Dr J. Ménétrier as well, on another way for sure, as the so many people who follows her protocol.

I thing, by experience, that to take directly singles is easier.

Generally, it’s quite curious the Drs J. Seignalet and J. Ménétrier were practicing almost at the same time (J. Ménétrier retired in the 1970’s), but their both experiences were not mixed. What a pity for us, ill people, what a lost of time and mostly, lot of pain!

Dr Jacques Ménétrier:

From the last 1940’s, in France, Dr J. Ménétrier was interesting in the transition conditions of the health to diseases. At this time, nobody had a real interest in Food, even if several practitioners already checked slight modifications or recommendations applied to identified illnesses. We have to eat. Diseases were always considered as bodies malfunctioning, even if some practitioners started to involve “fields” effects, environmental or genetic ones. Mostly genetic.

After a long diseases’ analyse, he and a team defined 5 categories, 5 transitions, which were called “Diathesis”. For each diathesis, they define a set of singles, which effects are modifing the body reactions, to come back to health. Body reacts itself with the singles. Of course, this method is to be applied as soon as the first symptoms appear. And the first symptoms are tiredness and pain (backache, headache…). He thought as well to improve food, but never so drastically.

Singles tune the bodys’ regulations

The five diathesis are controlled by the following singles:

  • Manganese alone,
  • Copper-Gold-Silver,
  • Manganese-Copper,
  • Manganese-Cobalt,
  • Zinc-Copper or Zinc-Nickel-Cobalt.

Of course, the diathesis are scarcely “pure”. All can be mixed in bodies.

We must adapt the treatment, mixing the singles, or taking them step by step, one after others.

All his results and treatments principles are gathered in its books, out of them The Medicine of the Functions (in French), published in 1974. A huge legacy.

The singles are dosed in infinitesimal quantity, and specific forms. Deduced from their trials, the best effects are with doses corresponding to the atomic number of each element, in micro gram. For example, the dose for the Manganese is 25 micro grams. At this quantity, the treatment is completely safe, but very efficient.

Unfortunately, after he died, this cure way was purely forgotten, but still remains some scraps in the Naturopathic Medicine.

Dr Alexandre Salmanoff:

If Food and singles have a real impact onto health, to recover and to keep it, unfortunately, these tools are not sufficient to recover an acceptable health, after many years being intoxicated.

It’s necessary to tell it ant to repeat, again and again, that the body is not made for ingesting all what we give to it. All that the body is not able to treat is stored in and degrades the full body. Don’t forget that gluten and milk increase the permeability of the gut, increasing the quantity of not desirable molecules. It’s the main reason why we are often over weighed. All these undesirable molecules reduce the body’s tuning signals (cellular phone), block capillaries. Body’ areas are no more fed, without oxygen as well, without tuning signal.

Then, the best way to reset the body is to have hyperthermic baths, using the appropriate tool. Hyperthermic baths open wildly the capillaries, allow the body’s cleaning in depth. They reset our body!

I will never thank enough all these doctors, who, through their books, allowed me to recover my health, and improve it again and again. Because in my case, I found out lot of problems, coming even from my childhood, but never treated.

When the brain helps the body

Remember, Dr J. Seignalet found out stress as starting point of most of diseases. We cannot eliminate it, but we must and have to reduce it as much as possible.

On the top of that, a positive brain mood, humour, laughing help us a lot to preserve our health.

You can read also the book of Kelly A. Turner, Radical remission ant the one of Caroline Simonds and Bernie Warren, Le Rire médecin: Journal du Dr Giraffe.

Laughing, good mood minded are indispensable tools to preserve health, for every bodies.