Hyperthermic baths reset your body in depth!

How to have a quite calmly bath

Once you modified your Food (according to Dr J. Seignalet protocol), hyperthermic bath is a full body’s reset.

Hyperthermic bath must be realized in full calmness, to get the best benefits. No stress!

Start filling your bath with 97.5-98.6°F (36.5-37°C) warm water (it’s the best temperature to enter in, not too cold, not too hot). Start priming procedure, choose your bath temperature and start the equipment following the documentation or the Human to Machine Interface’s indications.

You can adjust as you wish bath salts or bath oils, but beware not to choose too aggressive or not to overdose them, because temperature and contact time increase significantly their skin activity.

Once all these setting done, enter the bath, only start the process and lay down in the bath as much as possible, back of the head must be under water as well!

General description

A sight on the prototype equipment

Equipment is composed of a stainless steel (SS hereunder) frame supporting:

  • The circulation pump,
  • The heater (SS),
  • The sensors for the temperature control (SS),
  • The electric board,
  • The connecting pipes to the bath.

The frame is fitted with SS wheels, getting easier the transport and the setting of the equipment. Weight is 176-198 lb (80- 90kg) (1kg=2.2lb)

In the electric board, A PLC (Programmable Logic Computer) controls all the functions and the safety of the equipment.

A Human to Machine Interface (HMI) helps the user for the handover of the equipment, to choose the predefined functions. On demand, this HMI can be delivered with multiple languages.

All the components can be replaced for maintenance to fill the characteristics. Only one sensor (flow sensor) needs to be programmed ahead (DEK Ing. Supply) to guaranty the operations.

The functions

 Proposed functions are the following:

  • Long bath, 1 hour length at 99.5 OR 100.4°F (37.5 OR 38°C). This bath produces almost the same effects as hyperthermic one, but is better accepted by the body. This kind of bath is nicely recommended to be used with basic bath salts.
  • 4 hyperthermic baths:  104-105.8-107.6 & 109.4°F (40-41-42 & 43°C), 30 min increase of temperature and 5 min stay. Temperature precision is 1/10th °C.
  • A cleaning phase,
  • A control function to check the whole temperature loop.

Hyperthermic baths and its benefits

Hyperthermic baths, Salmanof’s baths, in these conditions, reset the blood circulation in depth. Lot of blocked capillaries are reactivated. Then the beside cells are again fed, re oxygenated, and waste can be eliminated again.

I have deducted, from the Dr Alexandre Salmanoff‘s books, the functioning mode. It is simple.

The bath is very slowly heated in order the body can adapt itself to that temperature increase. This is really the critical point, because internal tuning regulations of the body cannot react to too speedily variations, mostly with temperature variations.

Body adapts using all the existing strategies to maintain as well as possible its stability. As temperature cannot be eliminated through the 3 main ways, blood temperature increases, dilating all vessels and mostly capillaries, increasing at the same time the blood flow everywhere, very deeply close to the cells.

The slow temperature’s increase slope is the key of these kind of baths’ efficiency, and its innocuousness as well. Paradoxically, a fever caused by pathological agent can be dangerous above 104°F (40°C), as a109.4°F (43°C) hyperthermic bath reset your body!

This artificial fever, together with Dr Jean Seignalet Food protocol and singles’ doses, clean your body, relaunch the tuning functions and at the end cure the diseases. It is my case curing a multiple sclerosis.