How to improve our health simply and easily

Once upon a time… when very slow evolution mixes up all signals

Once upon a time…, I would say. This is a very old story.

It began somewhere in 1993 spring, or sooner. I suddenly notice that I didn’t feel more my left big toe. It didn’t exist more, no sensation coming from. It was like a wooden piece. I consulted a neurologist, who after examination of neuron’s conductivity, confirmed to me that I have really something, but didn’t know what. The neuron’s “noise” we can hear from his tools was very strange, like white noise, without structure, impressed him a lot. I had really something… but what?

Conclusion? To be followed, see you if it becomes worse, as I often heard in the consulting rooms. See you next year!

I moved this year as well, changing the location of my job, and forgot this issue.

A little bit less than 20 years later, the problem spreaded on my both feet. The tactile and thermal sensations decreased a lot. It was the same for my hands, but a little bit less as they are more used, I think. We are able to tune our sensations. My hands’perceptions were a little bit decreased, but not easy to prove. But problem was here as well.

Few years later, this insensitivity spreading up along my legs, till knees, starts really to make me anxious. Very anxious.  My skin here was like a pair of boots, don’t belong to me. This insensitivity became visible on my hands as well. I cut me many times without feeling it. Only the blood flowing out inform me …of the problem! No pain.

So, in 2013, I consulted again a neurologist, and after a normal medulla scanner, he decided to ask to an hospital neurologist, in the early 2014. After nerves and blood exams, diabete was not proved, but still stayed in the doctor’s mind, as I was a “little” over-weighed. So, I inherited of an “axonal poly neuropathology”, something linked specially to the legs. The time running, I thank the neurologist for that conclusion, because he didn’t prescribe drugs, which could have even worse effects on me, as my statins period, started in 2013 and urgently stopped in February 2017!

The main issue with such illness is that our body falls apart very, very slowly. It’s almost impossible to discern little changes after little changes, insidiously. And most of the time, we don’t want to see it. Only when, step after step, issue became so visible, we have to react urgently, and drastically as well.

A “good” Food, necessary condition but not enough…

Few “See you next year” later, in 2018, my girlfriend offered to me the book of Dr Jean Seignalet, The Food or the 3rd Medicine (in French, only a part has been translated), title with a serious note of irony I suppose.

Reading was a revelation to me. This book is factual, accessible, clearly written. The author describes lot of diseases, their origins and …how to treat, according his over 16 years experience when he wrote his first version.

I discover the name of my illness: multiple sclerosis. And I got the same information when I read later The Wahls Protocol, from Dr Terry Wahls. I will come back to her later too.

Finally, I decided, in august 2018, to follow the Food Protocol of Dr J. Seignalet. What is his protocol? To fire from its Food: gluten, milk and all milk products, all processed sugar. To cook at low temperature and other recommendations about oil, water, vegetables and meat. Strictly.

Three months later, I was 10 kg lighter (10% of my initial weight). They didn’t come back. My empty stomach glycaemia decreased for the first time. As old my blood analyses are, I was always slightly above the limits.

But any improvement of my multiple sclerosis: no improvement of sensitivity, stability, erratic walk. I was what Dr J. Seignalet called a “non-respondent” to the protocol. One chance in five according to his results! Bad luck. I was at the same point that Dr T. Wahls, at her first step.

But, according to the weight benefit only, I continued following  this protocol, and I do it and will surely do it all my life.

In September 2018, I noticed a black area in my right eye field vision: worrying! I immediately took appointment with an ophthalmologist, 4 months later, that is the necessary time we need for in my area.

To the body’s discovery

Still in September 2018, Eliska put in my hands a book named L’hydrothérapie chez soi, ou la Médecine des capillaires, from Michel Dogna and Anne Françoise L’Hôte. We can roughly translate it in Hydrotherapy at home, or the Capillaries Medicine. M. Dogna describes in it the marvelous effects of Dr Alexandre Salmanoff baths.

I never heard about capillaries before, and to cure with baths, yes, we have a lot institutions in France for that, but nobody speaks about curing. What an idea!

By the way, I tested as well the Gardelle method, described by M. Dogna and A.F. L’Hôte. I must tell that this method is very efficient and “cleaned me the brain”. I explain. These last few years, I had big difficulties to be concentrate reading. I often read 2, 3 times the same words, sentences and they went away in the fog. Sometime, I didn’t remember having read a book, or didn’t remember the story. But I didn’t pay really attention, I was already in the fog. I learned that it is one of the multiple sclerosis symptoms, reading Dr T. Wahls book later on.

And is coming one of the most interesting point, from my point of view: the “meeting” with Dr. Alexandre Salmanoff.

By curiosity, as well as because I had nothing else to do, I bought the 2 Dr A. Salmanoff’’s books (only in French), Les 1000 chemins de la Guérison and Les secrets et Sagesses du corps ou la Médecine des profondeurs. He wrote them at the end of his life, in the 1950’s, when he was living and still practising in France. We can translate the first as The 1000 Tracks for Cure and the second Body’s Secrets and Wisdoms or the Deepness’s Medicine. I bought as well his bath oils.

I had 8 baths in October and November 2018, once a week. At least I tried according to the recommendations. Disappointing.

It’s really a headache to manage such bath, trying to control the temperature, level of the bath, concentration of the bath oils…and to be calm. I have felt my skin prickling here and there, as we can read, but nothing fantastic.

On the other hand, to read his books was very interesting. I recognized there the same enthusiasm, the same conviction like in Dr J. Seignalet book or later in Dr T. Wahls’ and Dr J. Ménétrier ones. As I know that the method that I followed was not really the proper one and strictly Dr A. Salmanoff’s one, I decided to build an equipment to manage the warming and other interesting functions I supposed. That I know, this is my job.

I spent one year defining, checking, finding the best components, designing and realizing specific parts, and to program that system. In fact, I had time, I am retired and I did it mostly to do something.

Finally, I had my first “operational” bath the last Saturday of 2019, I remember well.

But, lets continue in the early 2019.

Singles, these essential benefactors

Back to February 2019, I had my appointment with the ophthalmologist.

This practitioner was quite good, but, finally, I went out without information about my eye problem. Except a retina shape photography (they have today very performing tools).

Eliska, once again, offer me the Dr Catherine Orsoni-Dupont’s book, Singles for your eyes and your health (in French only), and the Dr Terry Wahls ones, The Wahls Protocol (hopefully in the French translation). In her book, she is speaking about the “paleo” food, I recognized here the same approach than Dr J. Seignalet, using the same words in his 1996’s book.

I read first the Dr C. Orsoni-Dupont’s book. I discovered the name of my illness inside, so I decided to follow her advice, why not? And to start singles.

Couple of weeks later, as my multiple sclerosis didn’t improve, I started as well reading Dr T. Wahls’ book. Honestly, I was little bit worried if I would have to start and follow such protocol, because, in fact, I would have to follow directly the hardest one. That protocol needs to eat 12 “cups” of various fruits and vegetables, different colors as well. Nice, but what is a “cup” (for a French guy)? An internet check after, a cup seems to be about 350 g. I would have to eat more than 4kg of vegetables and fruits a day? Cooked? Raw? Full filled cups? Lot of questions to delay the decision, but I feel inside me that I would have finally to go.

Time going, in June 2019, I was still thinking about when, 3 months later after my first singles doses, I felt something different in my feet, “new” sensations, in fact, sensations that I didn’t felt since years! What happened? It was very strange to me.

Then, I finally make the connection, the connection between the singles and the number of cups of fruits and vegetables.

When Dr T. Wahls eats so many fruits and vegetables, she increases a lot her singles dose.

I finally arrived at the same point, but my way was quite different.

Of course, I immediately looked for more details about singles.

And I found Dr Jacques Ménétrier, and its diathesis. It was hard to find one of its books. I finally found one printed in 1974, The Medicine of the Functions (in French). In 2019, I read and read again this book, as it is very detailed. And where he explains his experimental theory he tested, with hundreds of practitioners, from 1950’s to 1970’s, till he leaved for retirement.

I followed his advises, and I must honestly tell that my health improves days after days. It’s a long, very long way, but in the right direction now, we must be patient.

From all the books I speak about, I learned that, when illness is coming, it is the whole body that doesn’t work properly. It is not “simply” an organ illness, but really a malfunctioning of the whole body, and the “weaker” organ will be damaged first. And the others will follow one after one. This is the legacy of these Doctors (A. Salmanoff, J. Ménétrier and J. Seignalet), who had the wisdom and the kindness to forward their knowledge, because it is really a great knowledge.

So, from mid-2019, my multiple sclerosis started to improve, and I discovered as well lot of underlying problems.

Come back to Salmanoff’s baths, or hyperthermic baths

December 2019, last Saturday evening. I used, in October and November 2018, to have my baths Saturday evening. Why not?

When I dived into my bath, thermostatic tap set at 37°C, bath oil mixed, it was perfect. I tested a 43°C hyperthermic bath, as I tried the year before.

20 minutes later, I had to almost jump out of the water, because I felt cooked and my heart beat too speedily.

I was completely bathed in perspiration in my bath! My heart was speedily beating. And I was very anxious. What happened? Not at all what can be described in the books.

So, I decided to have another bath the following week, but colder, 42°C.

This one was fine, but with the same effects: perspiration and beating heart.

So that I decided to have a bath once a week and to try to understand what happens during these hyperthermic baths.

From January to May 2020, I had my weekly bath, wondering why that so important perspiration, why my heart beats so speedily, why my blood pressure drops down when I go out my bath. Too much questions.

To study further, I bought a blood pressure meter (OMRON, R7 Intelli IT), and I started measuring.

And I could understand what happened during these baths:

  • Blood pressure drop down entering the bath,
  • Heart rate increases according to temperature level,
  • Very important perspiration, I lost about 1 kg during the bath itself, and another one the step later. Don’t worry, I recover very easily these 2 kg the day after. It is not really a loss of weight, but a water movement out and in. Which is important for the body’s cleaning.

On the top of that, all these effects are regular and repeatable.

I detail all these points in the page Hyperthermia and Hyperthermic treatments.

When I knew which effects these baths produce, I was calmer and started the 2nd part of the baths: to lay immediately after the bath under a warm blanket and to sleep. It enhances the baths effects.

I didn’t perceive the baths’ effects as very beneficial, in first approach, even if it starts moving something inside me. Time going, I reduced the bath oils’ doses, I tested without as well, tested other baths salts. But, bath after bath, their effects are very powerful.

In my own, bath oils and salts are not so important. Bath oils of Dr A. Salmanoff have a direct effect on the skin for sure, very nice one, sweetening and very good perfume. I explain this point as well.

2020 is the Covid year too.

After one of my Dr J. Ménétrier book’s readings, I wondered if a method used by these practitioners to reduce virus infection as a preventive would be useful with these baths.

I tested in November 2020.

And I felt a great difference with and without single, really.  In my case, my body reacts, to what, I don’t know, but I felt better after. It improves my breathing. I had an issue there, very old one, many, many years before Covid appeared. This is improving.

In conclusion, my experience is that we can improve our health simply, modifying our Food according to Dr J. Seignalet protocol, using singles according Dr J. Ménétrier recommendations (diathesis), and using hyperthermic baths with a good tool, which is necessary to manage them.