Hyperthermic bath resets and makes your body years younger!

Hyperthermia and thermotherapy treatment are usually used mainly in oncology, to improve the basic treatments.

Most of the time, hyperthermia and thermotherapy treatments are applied localy to improve the diffusion of medicine.

Hyperthermia and thermotherapy treatments seems to be recent ones. But they are in fact very old ones.

Why hyperthermic baths are more efficient than local hyperthermia or thermotherapy treatment? Read hereunder!


From the medical point of view, this is the reaction of the body to an external pathological agent (virus, bacteria), which increase a lot our internal temperature: fever. If fever is a body’s normal protective reaction to such aggression, hyperthermia word is mostly dedicated to very high temperature fever, which can badly injure and have grave consequences. Hyperthermia must be treated very quickly.

Hyperthermia in medical treatments:

Contrary to hyperthermia caused by a pathological agent fever, artificial hyperthermia is very often used in allopathic medical treatments in addition to medication, mostly in oncological treatments.

Lot of studies are available on the web, describing experiences using various tools from infra-red to magnetic fields warming part of the body by the vibrations of micro particles. As well as a study to treat the Covid19 as well.

They have all the target to spread medication deeper toward the ill cells, increasing the capillaries size with thermal effects.

Dr Alexandre Salmanoff’s hyperthermia and thermotherapy treatment: the capillaries treatment

However, this treatment principle, hyperthermia and thermotherapy treatment, is very old. It was set up more than 90 years ago by Dr A. Salmanoff. Born in Russia in 1874 (or 75), at the beginning, A. Salmanoff was using cold baths or hot and cold shower, the tools he had at this time, as patient cares.

Few years later, he discovered the studies of Dr August Krogh, they were contemporaries, about blood circulation and use them to improve his methods. Dr A. Krogh was Medicine Nobel prize winner in 1920 for the capillaries’ discovery and their functioning mode.

Then, Dr A. Salmanoff modified his care strategy testing hot water baths and found them much more efficient. On the top, he used specific bath oils, already used in the Russian pharmacopeia, mostly using oils from Siberian larch tree, which contents specific turpentine essence. He was strongly believing in the effects of his mixes.

Practicing first in Italy, then in Germany, he finally based himself in France about 1936, continuing improving his hyperthermic baths and oils bath.

He worked till is death, in 1964, 90 years old. After his death, nobody handover his method and it has been almost forgotten. Hopefully, before his death, in the 1950’s, he wrote 2 books, which have been impressed again recently: a chance! By the way, its method is still in use in the Naturopathic Medicine. Much more known by the bath oils White and Yellow today, this treatment still has the benefit of Dr A. Salmanoff halo, but maybe not the efficiency, in my opinion.

Nevertheless, if we proceed it in the right conditions, his treatment is a real and powerful tool to recover health, because it is working close to our deepest cells. Everywhere. But according to my own experience, we need a tool to realize these baths in proper conditions.

Why it is so difficult to have hyperthermic baths?

The main difficulty is to manage the right temperature increase, which is the most important point.

A second fact is that, when we have a bath, it is better to do quietly, without stress. We must perform the bath, nothing else.

In thermotherapy treatment using bath: Table showing the temperature to reach for a defined volume from 0.79 to 2.64 gallon, to warm up a 26.4 gallon bath.
Warming Temperature to warm up 26.4 gal bath with 0.79 to 2.64 gal taken off water, per degree
In thermotherapy treatment using bath: Table showing the temperature to reach for a defined volume from 0.79 to 2.64 gallon, to warm up a 39.6 gallon bath
Warming Temperature to warm up 39.6 gal bath with 0.79 to 2.64 gal taken off water, per degree

Really, to warm a 39.6 gal (150 litters) bath, without the thermal loses, which cannot be neglected, neither the warmth taken by the body itself, we need to warm 0.79 gal (3 litters) of water from 98.6 to 188.6°F (37 to 87°C) in 2 minutes, then to mix them in the bath very kindly, not to burn one self. This action leads to the increase of the full bath temperature of 33.8°F (1°C). And we have to repeat… We can use of course bigger water volumes, but to take out the water, to warm in the time and to mix back are much more difficult. On the beside tables, I show what is the minimum temperature to reach heating with 0.79 – 2.64 gal (3 to 10 litters), for a 26.4 and 39.6 gal (100 and 150 litters) baths.

In thermotherapy treatment using bath: Table showing the 140°F water volume to add to a 26.4 gallon bath, in order to increase its temperature of 33.8°F ( 1°C). To warm such bath from 98.6 to 109.4°F, we need 9.24 gallon of 140°F water.
140°F warm water to be added to a 26.4 gal bath to warm 33.8°F step by step

We can of course pour hot water into the bath, as it is more often noticed in the literature. For example, a 26.4 gal (100 litters) baths requires 9.24 gal (35 litters) 140°F (60°C) warm water to process the whole bath. 140°F (60°C) warm water is already “burning”, we have to mix it in the bath: lot of worries. And beware of over-flooding.

So, to have a “Salmanoff” hyperthermic bath is not simple, mostly when we have to perform it alone.

I think that it is the main obstacle to the development of this tool. In his time, lot of people were available and made the work around.

But, when we have a tool to manage this increasing of temperature, it become very easy to practice. And I discovered lot of effects, repeatable effects.

Hyperthermia and thermotherapy treatment: the effects

From my own experience, the thermal effect is the main one, repeatable according to the temperature bath.

Although the bath oils are put ahead in the general literature available, as well as in his own books, I think than their effect are to be neglected, or borderline.


How bath oil or salt acts:

When we have a bath, bath water exchanges its minerals or ingredients according to osmosis laws, diffusion. These laws are logarithmic functions, depending on the time, temperature, permeability of the membrane (our skin), concentration and composition of ingredients.

Smaller the ingredient size is, faster it will go through the membrane, all other parameter being the same.

But the bath oils are long chain compounds, their diffusion is slow.

Even if temperature increases little the diffusion, but here we are speaking about a 6°C variation comparing to the body temperature. So, their effect is not really sure.

Nevertheless, I noticed that the bath with Dr A. Salmanoff oils softens and perfumes nicely the skin. This effect length one day at least. It is in that time that the bath oils can still have an effect, but the absorbed or adsorbed quantity is really few.

Maybe, during the bath, when the nose is so close to the water level, it can be possible to breath some volatile chemical compounds. Perhaps greater effect than diffusion?

In the literature, people are speaking a lot of “prickling”.  Yes, I felt some. But here again, I think it is the action of the turpentine essence, according to its concentration and the temperature of the bath. Turpentine essence must solve the protective fat layer of the skin, and opens some ways to superficial nerves’ endings.

With a regulated external heating, we must beware of the essence activity increase. It can cause flush. I had to reduce these bath oils doses.

How hyperthermic bath works?

Hydraulic effect:

The first noticeable effect is when we lay as much as possible in the bath. Because of Archimedes’ principle, our blood pressure decreases a lot. As for example, mine, measured lot of time, decreases from 130/140-70/80 mm Hg seated to 90/100-45/50 mm Hg at the beginning, systematically, to 100-50 mm Hg at the end of the bath. It’s why we must not jump out of the bath, but go out very calmly, with an intermediate seated step.

As the blood pressure is falling, we can think that our osmotic pressure in between our cells and the blood can be reversed, which could explain a purification of the cells by easier transfer to the blood.

But I immediately reassure you! Such phenomena exists when you are swimming at the swimming pool, or better in the sea.

But in the baths’ conditions, it take a greater action because of the blood flow increase. A real and powerful elimination function.

Thermal effect:

Hyperthermia and thermotherapy treatment using bath: Curves showing the increase of the heart speed along 4 baths, 2 at 107.6°F (42°C), 2 at 109.4°F (43°C). Heart speed increase from about 60 strokes per minutes to 92- 95 for the 107.6°F  (42°C) bath to about 105 strokes per minutes for the 109.4°F (43°C) bath.
Heart speed evolution along 107.6 and 109.4°F baths

The second and the most important effect is the increase of the heart speed. This increase is function of the temperature. During hyperthermic baths, my heart is increasing from 60/65 strokes/minute to 90/95 with a 107.6°F (42°C) bath, and 103/108 with 109.4°F (43°C) one. Systematically. Look at the beside table. (The temperature axis is that of a 109.4°F (43°C) bath). Heart speed increase from 60-65 to 105 strokes/minute means a 75% blood flow increase. As ALL the blood flow goes through the capillaries, it means that the blood flow in the capillaries increases by 75%. Everywhere in the body, in the depth.

Note: The variations of the heart speed are depending of the initial conditions, it means if you are calm or nervous.

We can explain that phenomena as follow.

The slow and progressive temperature increase of the bath reduces or stops the body thermal exchanges with outside.

Body is always producing overheating to tune perfectly its own temperature, 98.6°F (37°C). This over energy is moved out through 3 ways:

  • Breathing, which moves out just a few of that overheating (mostly from water steam) because air is insulating gas,
  • Perspiration, which allow greater internal heat evacuation, but not all (remember, I lose approximately 2 kg the bath),
  • Radiation and conduction through the skin.

It’s the last one which is fully stopped during the bath. Increasing slowly the bath water temperature, the body cannot more radiate out that part of energy, because outside is hotter than the body. Then, body’s temperature increases little, but surely. The water warms as well the body above 102.2°F (39°C).

Because of the temperature increase, the blood is fluid, blood vessels are dilating, blood flow increases…by 75%!

I come back to technical to explain:

Hyperthermia and thermotherapy treatment using bath: This is the diagram of the blood circulation in the body. Blood is flowing from the heart to aortas, arteries, arterioles, then through the whole capillaries net and go back to heart through venules, veins.
Body Blood circulation diagram

If we compare to technology:

  • Heart is a positive pump, pressure tuned,
  • As temperature increases, blood gets fluider and blood vessels increase diameter with temperature,
  • The resultant is a drop of pressure against heart pressure: the resistance to the blood flow of the blood vessels decreases.
  • The heart increases its speed to keep sufficient pressure.

It’s the same working way for every pump.

The beside diagram represents the blood circulation in its principle. Once the blood oxygenated through the lungs, is pushed into the aortas, arteries, arterioles then in the capillaries to go back to the heart through venules and veins.

Dr A. Krogh defined that, except few cells which are not feed by blood (teeth, enterocytes), ALL others cells are fed by one capillary closer than 15 microns.

The difference in between the lungs and other organs circuits is because of the difference of blood pressure. For information.

Hyperthermia and thermotherapy treatment using bath : Simplified diagram of the blood circulation, showing the heart as simple positive pump, blood is then moved through the capillaries, which are the most important drop of pressure; The capillaries feed all the body's cells 15 micron around.
Simplified diagram of the blood circulation

We can simplify the previous diagram. The heart, as pump, flows the blood through the blood net, capillaries are the most important drop of pressure.

As the temperature increases, capillaries drop of pressure decreases: the heart must speed up to makes the blood pressure equal. The heart volume is constant, as a volumetric pump.

This phenomenon is a global one, everywhere in the body the blood flow increases, reaching all the cells, deeper ones.

These hyperthermic bath effects are regular, repeatable using the tool to manage and tune the temperature slope.

I read on the site of an hospital that hyperthermic baths can be used (43/44°C!) during 1 or 2 hours, without the heating and cooling time… This is very strange to me, I have strong doubts about, because having a weekly 35 min bath, 30 min of heating, 5 minutes maintenance, I am worn out at the end!

I am looking insistently to the clock waiting for the last seconds.

The last-minute miscount is a real pleasure. As well as the benefits of the blood mix everywhere in the body.

At the end of the bath, I already have lost 1 kg, because of perspiration. And it is not the end.

Hyperthermic bath, 2nd step:

Going out of the bath, heart is still beating strongly, my body is hot, internal heat. A heat from the depth.

This warmth, we must keep it as long as possible to enhance the effects of the dilatation of the blood net, which allows a better blood circulation, so better exchanges between blood and cells.

To enhance the effects, the best is to go to bed, laying under a warm blanket. Remember that when we lay on the bed, the blood pressure reduces as well as in the bath.

To avoid flooding the bed with perspiration, I prepare first the bed with one layer of waterproof fabric, 2 bath/beach towels, as thick as possible. One under, one over me, before covering with blanket.

After 1 hour and half, 2 hours, I remove fabric and towels, and continue sleeping. It’s why I have my bath in the evening. After this first step, I have lost again 1 kg because of perspiration.

Temperature decreasing with the time, the perspiration effect stops after this first step, roughly.

Because of the intense perspiration, we can feel thirsty going out of the bath or after the first step sleeping. Personally, I don’t advise to drink (maybe a little) even if we feel thirsty. Why? Because the water you will drink will immediately be used by the body to reduce its temperature. It means that, as soon as you have drunk, perspiration starts again.

Don’t worry about that weight lost, because you will recover it the day after: all that you will eat (preferable than to drink), fruits for example, will bring the water you need, surely.

The day after the bath, my body is still warm, little warmth and very nice sensation.